Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Safety tips for sharing the road

Sharing the road with other drivers is a normal part of life. When you take basic safety precautions, you can protect yourself and prevent accidents. However, when an accident does occur, you will need a car accident lawyer Cicero Illinois to protect your interests. The top car accident attorneys from Carlson Bier can help you navigate the process with ease and will help you pursue justice. Contact us today at 312-622-2900.

Driving doesn’t have to be challenging. You can make sure you’re not distracted by your phone or simply not paying attention. You can make sure you are sober and following the rules of the road. To reduce your risk of being in an accident, follow safety tips. 

Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

Slow down and stay sober

Slow down. Many accidents occur because drivers are speeding. Oftentimes drivers are going so fast that it can be considered reckless. When drivers slow down and take their time, they can avoid accidents. They can also avoid getting frustrated and worked up into, what is commonly known, as road rage. 

Don’t drink and drive. You should never drink and drive–even if it’s just one beer or glass of wine. If you choose to drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel, make sure that you have a designated driver who won’t be drinking at all.

Slow Down And Stay Sober
Slow Down. Many Accidents Occur Because Drivers Are Speeding. Oftentimes Drivers Are Going So Fast That It Can Be Considered Reckless. When Drivers Slow Down And Take Their Time, They Can Avoid Accidents. They Can Also Avoid Getting Frustrated And Worked Up Into, What Is Commonly Known, As Road Rage. 
Don'T Drink And Drive. You Should Never Drink And Drive--Even If It'S Just One Beer Or Glass Of Wine. If You Choose To Drink Alcohol Before Getting Behind The Wheel, Make Sure That You Have A Designated Driver Who Won'T Be Drinking At All.
Pay Attention To The Road Ahead, Avoid Distractions
In Addition To Following The Speed Limit, It'S Important That You Pay Attention To The Road Ahead, Not Your Phone Or Other Distractions. If You Need To Make A Call While Driving, Pull Over Safely And Park Before Answering The Call. If You Do Get Into An Accident And Distracted Driving Was The Cause, Contact A Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois To Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve. 
Texting While Driving Is Also A Major Distraction. If You Must Send A Message While Operating Your Vehicle, Use Voice-To-Text Messaging Platforms Like Siri Or Google Assistant Instead Of Typing On Screen Keyboards With Your Thumbs (Or Even Worse: With Two Hands). These Services Can Provide Real-Time Transcription Of What You Say So That All Parties Involved Know Exactly What Was Said During Conversations--And This Will Help Keep Everyone Safe.
Texting And Driving Is One Of The Riskiest Behaviors Drivers Can Engage In Behind The Wheel. 
Numerous Die Each Year Because Of Texting And Driving. In 2020, 396 People In Total Were Killed As A Direct Result Of Accidents Caused By Texting And Driving. That Amounts To More Than One Death Per Day. In Reality, There Don’t Have To Be Any Deaths From This.
Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

Pay attention to the road ahead, avoid distractions

In addition to following the speed limit, it’s important that you pay attention to the road ahead, not your phone or other distractions. If you need to make a call while driving, pull over safely and park before answering the call. If you do get into an accident and distracted driving was the cause, contact a car accident lawyer Cicero Illinois to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Texting while driving is also a major distraction. If you must send a message while operating your vehicle, use voice-to-text messaging platforms like Siri or Google Assistant instead of typing on screen keyboards with your thumbs (or even worse: with two hands). These services can provide real-time transcription of what you say so that all parties involved know exactly what was said during conversations–and this will help keep everyone safe.

Texting and driving is one of the riskiest behaviors drivers can engage in behind the wheel. 

Numerous die each year because of texting and driving. In 2020, 396 people in total were killed as a direct result of accidents caused by texting and driving. That amounts to more than one death per day. In reality, there don’t have to be any deaths from this. 

Make sure you are well rested

Never get behind the wheel when you are tired. Take frequent breaks during long drives so that everyone stays alert and safe on their journey. According to the NHTSA’s census in 2017, 91,000 police-reported crashes involved drowsy drivers. These crashes led to an estimated 50,000 people injured and nearly 800 deaths. If someone is injured or dies in an accident, you will need a car accident lawyer Cicero Illinois to help you pursue justice. Carlson Bier has experienced and passionate attorneys and will make sure you get the settlement or judgment you deserve. 

Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

It’s vital to follow these rules if you want to avoid an accident

Blind spots are the areas that are not visible in your rearview mirror. When there are cars or other vehicles in your blind spot and you change lanes quickly or make a turn that is unexpected, an accident can occur.  The best way to avoid these hazards is to check your mirrors before making a lane change and always be aware of what’s around you when driving.

Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. If you are in a car, you should keep at least one car length between you and the car in front of you. You need time to break and maneuver without causing an accident. The faster you are driving, the more space that’s needed between vehicles.  

There are other essential rules of the road that you need to adhere to. Following traffic signals, making sure your vehicle is maintained, wearing your safety belt, and other regulations can help you avoid an accident. 

Aside from an accident there are consequences of not following them properly. You may get fined by police officers who patrol roads regularly (especially during high traffic times like rush hour), you may lose points off their license, you may lose your license, or suffer other consequences.   

A car accident lawyer Cicero Illinois can help you with your claim

Although accidents can be prevented and avoided, they still happen. When drivers engage in risky or negligent behavior they can be held accountable for the damages incurred. Our car accident lawyer Cicero Illinois can evaluate your case and help you determine the best course of action. We will get you the compensation you deserve. 

Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Car Accident Lawyer Cicero Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates