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Our Illinois personal injury attorneys have successfully negotiated and litigated numerous serious personal injury cases

Through negotiation and litigation, our Illinois personal injury attorneys have successfully handled numerous types of serious personal injury cases including:

Our Illinois personal injury attorneys will support you, will make sure you are fully compensated, and will get you the justice you deserve

Illinois Personal Injury Attorneys: Carlson Bier

In an instant, your life can change. When a loved one in a nursing home suffers an injury, illness, or even death, it can be crushing. When you or a family member has been in a serious accident, the physical, emotional, and financial effects can be devastating.  When someone has died before their time due to negligence or wrongdoing, the grief can be intense.  

It will likely not be front of mind, but you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. They will need to make certain that you have all of the documentation you need like: incident reports, police reports, EMT reports, hospital or outpatient documentation, and any other essential paperwork. Your attorney will also need to start their investigation and begin formulating a plan for your case. 

Whatever the circumstance, you need Illinois personal injury attorneys that can support you, make sure you are fully compensated, and ensure justice is done. At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC, we have the experience, passion, and resources to pursue justice for you. We have more than 30 years of experience and we are here to help you get your life back on track, so you can have a fulfilling future.

Whether it is negotiation or litigation, we are passionate about getting you the results you deserve

As your Illinois personal injury attorneys, we are passionate about getting you the results you deserve. We work with seasoned experts and investigators and specialty co-counsel to uncover every detail that we can. We build the strongest evidence-based case. And, we provide you with the most comprehensive and aggressive approach to pursue justice.

With our approach, we want to make sure that you do not suffer any further pain. Oftentimes, a long and grueling litigation process may be more difficult for the injured and their family. Negotiating a settlement is one avenue we will pursue to cover the true cost of all your damages including: lost wages, property damages, rehabilitation costs, disability, or pain and suffering.   

These cases can be complicated because current and future financial needs are addressed and must be included in any compensation. If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, we will take the next steps and file a lawsuit. In Illinois, the time limit for a personal injury lawsuit is generally only two years, so it is important that we take action immediately. 

Our unmatched experienced has led to countless victories and financial security for our clients

One distinct advantage we have as Illinois personal injury attorneys is that we are extremely knowledgeable about insurance coverage. This is because some of our clients are insurers, so we have industry knowledge. Our attorneys have even helped to write and modify policies giving us an in-depth understanding of the intricacies and nuance of much of the documentation that goes into personal injury claims.  

An Illinois Personal Injury Attorney at Carlson Bier will help you pursue justice

We are also keenly aware of the tactics that insurance companies and corporations may take. Often, they want you to settle quickly, but the settlement may only meet your immediate needs. We will assure that you are not misled or manipulated into a deal that does not address your current needs and protect your future. 

At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC, we have unmatched experience and are passionate about pursuing justice for your serious personal injury case. We will strive to handle your case with the utmost care and prevent any further harm from coming to you or your family. Our Illinois personal injury attorneys will pursue every path and exhaust every option to make sure that you are protected and your future is secure.   

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