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Our attorneys for burn injuries will get you just compensation

As attorneys for burn injuries, we are highly qualified and experienced. Carlson Bier will fight for your rights and will get you the compensation you deserve. We know that what happened to you was awful, unfair, and possibly traumatic. It is our job to listen objectively so that we can offer skilled legal advice. We have helped our clients obtain just settlements or judgments on a variety of different cases and are well-equipped to handle yours.

Burn injuries can be painful and have long term effects

The National Institute of Health (NIH), categorizes burns into three main types:

  • First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin. They cause pain, redness, and swelling.
  • Second-degree (partial thickness) burns affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin. They cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.
  • Third-degree (full thickness) burns extend into deeper tissues. They cause white or blackened, charred skin that may be numb.

Aside from the burns themselves, there can be additional complications. 

  • Bacterial infections
  • Bone and joint problems, such as when scar tissue causes the shortening and tightening of skin, muscles or tendons (contractures)
  • Breathing problems from the intake of hot air or smoke
  • Dangerously low body temperature (hypothermia)
  • Fluid loss, including low blood volume (hypovolemia)
  • Scars or ridged areas caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue (keloids)
Attorneys For Burn Injuries | Carlson Bier Associates Llc

We work with you to build a strong case for your burn injury

There are many treatments you may need if you have suffered from a burn injury. Some of the more common things people experience are:

  • Immediate and long term medical care
  • Plastic or reconstructive surgery
  • Counseling by a doctor who specializes in helping burn victims
  • Pain, suffering, loss of quality of life
  • Loss of job/income (temporarily or permanently)

Our attorneys for burn injuries are at the top of the field and we are here to help you. We want to make sure you recover the costs of all medical treatment. We want to make sure any ongoing counseling is covered. We want to make sure any other damages do not result in a financial loss for you. At Carlson Bier, we will ensure that you have a strong case for your burn injury. 

We review your claim and identify any evidence that needs to be gathered or statements that need to be collected. We work tirelessly on your behalf to help you get just compensation for all types of burn injuries.

Attorneys For Burn Injuries | Carlson Bier Associates Llc

Contact our attorneys for burn injuries for a free consultation

There are a variety of different causes of burn injuries. 

  • Abuse
  • Chemicals such as strong acids, lye, paint thinner or gasoline
  • Electrical currents
  • Fire
  • Hot liquid or steam
  • Hot metal, glass or other objects
  • Radiation, such as that from X-rays
  • Sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet radiation, such as a tanning bed
Our experienced attorneys for burn injuries will work on your behalf with medical care providers, insurance companies, and other necessary parties, to protect your legal rights, so that you may receive the most fair and just financial compensation possible.

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