If you have utilized, consumed, purchased, or been exposed to any product that has caused an injury, our product liability attorneys will help you with your personal injury claim. If you are a surviving family member of someone who may have died from the use, exposure, consumption, purchase, of a dangerous or defective product, it’s important that you know your legal rights. 

Companies have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that the products they make will not harm the people who use or purchase them. When an accident or injury does occur due to a company’s negligence, they have a responsibility to compensate the victim or their family.

Even in scenarios where there may be uncertainty as to if an injury is compensable, it is advisable to seek consultation from knowledgeable product liability attorneys. Contact Carlson Bier today: 312-622-2900.

If you or someone you love has been injured by using a dangerous or defective product, we can help

Product liability law protects consumers from injury caused by the use of unsafe products. Whether those products are food items, appliances, motor vehicles and other motorized equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical devices (or their packaging), children’s toys, or clothing items, you should be able to use them without suffering negative consequences.

The manufacturer or seller of an unreasonably dangerous product is responsible for any harm that results from using it. For example, if you were hurt when riding in a faulty vehicle that was supposed to protect passengers during crashes, but did not perform according to its specifications and left passengers vulnerable to serious harm (including death), then the manufacturer could also be at fault for injuries resulting from its flawed design features.

Are you or someone you love has been injured by using a dangerous or defective product? If so, our product liability attorneys can help.

When unsafe products cause injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. Our product liability attorneys at Carlson Bier are ready to help.

Product Liability Attorneys | Carlson Bier Associates
Product Liability Attorneys | Carlson Bier Associates
Product Liability Attorneys | Carlson Bier Associates

What to do immediately after the accident

If you suffered a serious injury after an accident resulting from someone’s negligence, even before you contact our product liability attorneys, consider doing the following:

  1. Get medical attention for your injury. Keep your receipts, and follow your doctor’s treatment instructions. The amount of damages listed in your personal injury claim will include your treatment costs.
  2. Keep notes of what the doctor told you about your prognosis, the treatment recommendation, doctor’s visits and the status of your injury.
  3. Photograph your injury during its various stages, from when you were first injured and before and after treatments. This will be helpful in order to show the severity of your injury.
  4. Note the contact names and phone numbers of witnesses of the accident, what they told you about the accident, etc. You will likely need to pass this information on to your personal injury lawyer.
  5. Request a copy of the police accident report. A defective product lawyer will need to view it.
  6. Contact the product liability attorneys at Carlson Bier to help you pursue justice. 

You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries

Defective product injuries can be very serious and life-changing, if not fatal. They may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Burn injuries from hot liquids or other substances spilling onto the body
  • Choking on small parts of defective toys
  • Organ damage from prescription drugs
  • Serious cuts or lacerations caused by sharp objects like glass shards or metal objects like knives, forks, and spoons

If you have been injured as a result of using a defective product, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. You should contact our product liability attorneys immediately to discuss the details of your case and learn more about whether or not you have legal recourse against the person who sold or manufactured the item that injured you. 

Our attorneys have the experience to protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Our firm has helped numerous clients in Illinois and collected millions of dollars in damages on their behalf. Our lawyers will give you an honest assessment of your case, so contact us today for a consultation.