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The best lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park are those at Carlson Bier Associates. Contact us if you believe you did not get the prenatal care you have a right to.

Every expectant mother deserves proper health care during her pregnancy. If you or your child suffered an injury that you believe stems from negligent prenatal care, Carlson Bier Associates are the lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park that can help you pursue justice. 

Our experienced attorneys will review all of the care rendered and determine what your next steps are for a potential obstetrical medical malpractice case. Your justice can’t wait.

What does typical prenatal care look like?

Once you have found out you’re pregnant, you need to find someone to provide regular prenatal care, such as a doctor or a midwife. Prenatal care doesn’t guarantee a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, it does drastically increase the chances that everything will go smoothly and decreases the chances of complications during pregnancy.

When you have established a relationship with a professional you want to have your first appointment as soon as possible. Typically, this occurs about 2 months into the pregnancy and the health of you and your baby will be assessed.

Lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park | Carlson Bier Associates

You have a right to quality prenatal care

At this point, your health care provider should do a complete history of the mother focusing on medical, obstetrical, genetic, and psychosocial factors. In addition, a pelvic exam and general physical exam will be done and blood and urine will be taken and tested. The expected delivery date will also be determined and a continuing prenatal care plan should be set.

If a preventable disorder or injury occurs to the mother or baby during the pregnancy or birth, experienced lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park, will evaluate all of the initial care received to make sure that proper protocols and procedures were followed. Carlson Bier Associates have extensive experience with medical malpractice. With the assistance of medical professionals, they will be able to determine if the quality of care was met and how your case should proceed.

Continued prenatal care is extremely important for expectant mothers and their babies

Every expectant mother should have a schedule to see her medical profession for regular monitoring. Usually, for the first 6-7 months, there should be an appointment every 4 weeks. During weeks 31 – 37, you will likely have an appointment every other week. After week 37, you will go every week. 

These appointments allow your doctor or midwife to check early for problems that can arise during pregnancy. If they can diagnose a health condition or complication early, then intervention and treatment can commence mitigating more severe problems.  That is why is is essential that your professional sees you for exams on a regular basis. 

Lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park | Carlson Bier Associates

You and your baby deserve to have a healthy pregnancy and birth

Some of the most standard practices during prenatal appointments are:

  • Measuring the uterus and monitoring fetal heart rate and movement: to determine how the baby is developing.
  • A urine test: to ensure that protein and glucose levels are normal.
  • Ultrasounds: which are done a couple of times to confirm the expected delivery date, the fetal heart rate, the number of babies, and to see if there are any abnormalities.
  • An exam: to make sure the pregnancy is progressing normally.
  • A blood pressure and weight check: to ensure the health of mom and baby.
  • Assessment of symptoms: to determine if anything is out of the ordinary.

It is also expected that doctors and medical professionals continue to educate expectant mothers throughout the pregnancy and at each appointment. 

Because there is so much at stake during a pregnancy, it is important that any abnormalities be addressed immediately and any further testing needed be carried out. If you believe you have been the victim of obstetrical medical malpractice, you should consult an attorney immediately. Our lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park are always available and ready to help.

If left untreated many issues can cause severe harm to pregnant mothers and their babies

Although there are many things that women may experience during pregnancy, some issues need to be addressed immediately. 

  • Hyperemesis gravidarum: this is severe nausea and vomiting that results in extreme weight loss and can cause harm to the baby
  • Gestational Diabetes: if untreated, this can cause high birth weight, premature delivery, and other complications.
  • Anemia: this is low iron and can affect the general health of mom and baby.
  • Preeclampsia: this is a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy and needs to be treated to prevent any negative effects for mom and baby.
  • Post term pregnancy: this is when a pregnancy goes past 40 weeks. An additional assessment will need to be done to make sure there are no risks for mom and baby.

There are many things that need to be addressed during a pregnancy and with good prenatal care, many complications can be treated and prevented. When proper prenatal care is not given and an issue arises that is preventable, you may have an obstetrical medical malpractice case.

Contact Carlson Bier, lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park, if you believe your medical professional did not provide adequate prenatal care and it has resulted in an injury to you or your baby

It is never acceptable for an obstetrical provider to be negligent. It is never acceptable for a mother or baby to suffer from a preventable injury. If your medical care provider has failed to provide appropriate prenatal care and you or your baby have been harmed, you deserve justice. Contact Carlson Bier Associates today to review your case and start pursuing justice on your behalf. 

Lawyers for medical malpractice in Melrose Park | Carlson Bier Associates

Your family deserves justice

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