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Wandering is one of the most common behavioral issues among nursing home residents. When it happens and they get hurt or hurt others around them, you may need a nursing home abuse lawyer Belleville Illinois. The attorneys at Carlson Bier are here to help. We do what is best for our clients and get noteworthy results. Contact us today for a consultation at 312-622-2900.

Wandering can cause harm to both the resident and others around them. It is important that nursing homes take proper measures to prevent this type of behavior in their residents and ensure their safety. There are many safety standards and guidelines that long term care facilities are expected to follow to ensure the safety of their residents. When they don’t, it is completely within your right to take action.

Understanding Wandering and the Risk of Harm to Nursing Home Residents

Wandering is a common problem in nursing homes. It is often caused by medical conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Both of these affect an individual’s ability to remember where they are. Wandering can lead to serious injuries if a resident gets lost or confused while trying to find their way back home. Wandering is preventable, so if your loved one is injured, contact the nursing home abuse lawyer Belleville Illinois at Carlson Bier Associates to help your loved one get the care and compensation they deserve.

The best way to prevent wandering from occurring at your loved one’s nursing home facility is through proper care and monitoring of the residents throughout the day. For example, it may be helpful for staff members to include your family member with dementia in activities like group meals or outings outside of the facility. These activities typically have additional staff on hand and can make residents feel more secure within their surroundings.

Wandering can be a sign of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes are required to prevent abuse, neglect, and wandering. This means the nursing home must do all it can to keep its residents safe. A fully trained staff, safety protocols, and a properly equipped facility are a few of the things that can prevent wandering. 

Nursing homes often have policies in place that require staff members not only to prevent residents from wandering but also remind them that they must keep their doors locked at all times while they’re sleeping or otherwise occupied with tasks like bathing or eating meals. In addition, some residents who are prone to wandering may be required to wear an identification bracelet.  These policies should be outlined clearly in written form so that everyone knows what’s expected of them when it comes time for a resident’s care.

If a loved one wanders from an Illinois Nursing Home, you may be able to sue the nursing home under Illinois law for negligence in allowing the wandering incident to occur. If you believe you have a case, our nursing home abuse lawyer Belleville Illinois is here to help. Contact us today.

When wandering occurs, you may need a nursing home abuse lawyer Belleville Illinois

In the event that you suspect neglect or abuse, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health at 800-252-4633 to report the nursing home neglect. If you believe it is an emergency, you should also call 911. 

Wandering is a serious concern that can lead to serious harm or even death. It is important that you understand the factors that contribute to wandering and how they should be addressed by your nursing home.

It is also vital to understand what constitutes abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation of residents in Illinois Nursing Homes. This information will allow you and other loved ones to hold your nursing home accountable for creating a safe environment for your elderly family member. 

If your family member is unsafe in their nursing home, you have a right to take action and our nursing home abuse lawyer Belleville Illinois can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We will take the steps needed to ensure that he or she does not suffer from neglect again.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Belleville Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Belleville Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

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