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Our Team at Carlson Bier Associates, LLC is ready to pursue justice and achieve remarkable results that will provide security for you and your future

With decades of experience in litigation in personal injury, the attorneys at Carlson Bier Associates, LLC have the knowledge, experience, and resources to pursue justice on your behalf. The negotiation and litigation skills of our team have allowed us to recover millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and ensure their futures are secure. 

Not only have we achieved impressive results, we have also been instrumental in influencing the law itself. Our team has successfully argued cases in the Appellate Court of Illinois and the Supreme Court of Illinois and our cases continue to be referenced as legal precedent.    

Carlson Bier | Keith Carlson | Insurance Coverage Attorney

In Loving Memory

Keith Carlson (1959-2021)

Over his three decade long career, Keith’s approach as an insurance coverage attorney, resulted in numerous victories for his clients and setting legal precedents in the field of insurance coverage law.

He had an adventurous spirit and a zest for life and travelled to over 50 countries making friends all over the world.

He will be remembered for his numerous contributions to the legal profession and he will be missed by those who knew and loved him.

Read more about the impact that Keith had.

Jeff Bier

Founding Partner

Jeffery Bier of Carlson Bier

I believe in doing what is right, especially for my clients. One of the most important things I can do for you is be available. You will have my number and I will do everything in my power to communicate immediately, showing you the respect you deserve.

David Jenkins

Of Counsel

David Jenkins of Carlson Bier

As an attorney, I believe it is my responsibility to improve the lives of others. And, as my client, my focus is to ensure that at the conclusion of your case, the outcome will improve your current and future situations.

Richard Craig

Of Counsel

Richard Craig of Carlson Bier

I am an attorney because I really want to help people and I can do that most effectively by being attentive to you and your needs. Whether your case is big or small, I will work tirelessly to advance your interests within the ethical boundaries of the law.

Farva B. Jafri

Of Counsel

Farva B. Jafri of Carlson Bier

It is very important to me to maintain the trust and confidence that clients have when they hire me. My commitment to persevere and to achieve favorable results for my clients makes me an attorney that you can depend on to protect you and your future.

George Leynaud

Of Counsel

George Leynard for our attorneys page

I am proud to be a lawyer who has advocated for the rights of the injured. Pursuing justice when it matters most, motivates me to fight for my clients and I have helped numerous people obtain fair compensation for their personal injury claims.

Emily Olinger


Because it is in the best interest of our clients to be available, we are available, communicative, and responsive and you will not be left in the dark. It is in the best interest of our clients to focus on a conclusion that protects their futures. We will set goals and be prepared to negotiate, litigate, or even take it to appeal. Safeguarding your future will determine the best approach for your case.

Carlson Bier Associates, LLC has leading authorities in personal injury. We also have a team committed to and enthusiastic about protecting our clients in their pursuit of justice.   

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