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As an insurance coverage attorney in Chicago, I will be upfront and honest about what we can accomplish

I believe the most important role of an attorney is to be upfront and honest with my clients. It is important for me to be a zealous advocate. It is also imperative to recognize what can be accomplished and what ultimately serves the best interests of my clients. At Carlson Bier, our interests will never come first, financial or otherwise. I will represent you with integrity and honesty and pursue the most remarkable results possible. 

When you hire me as your attorney, you trust me to obtain justice on your behalf. You trust me to aggressively negotiate or litigate to achieve the most desirable outcome for you. My commitment to honesty and integrity means I will accomplish those goals with an above-board approach to all and malice towards none. Ultimately, seeking justice is the goal, and justice without integrity is not worth obtaining.   

Over my three decade long career, my approach as an insurance coverage attorney Chicago, has not only resulted in numerous victories for my clients, it has resulted in setting legal precedents in the field of insurance coverage law. My practical and common sense style means my clients best interests will be served and justice will prevail. 

I believe the most important role of an attorney is to be upfront and straight with their client, recognizing what is to be accomplished, and what ultimately serves their best interests.

What drives me as an insurance coverage attorney Chicago

I find very satisfying the intellectual challenge of insurance coverage analysis and litigation. Oftentimes, the judicial system can be biased against and eager to rule against an insurer regardless of the merits or the law. It is my job to present compelling claims that keep the focus of the case on the law as it stands. It is also my job to craft arguments that influence the way the law is interpreted, resulting in new precedent being set. I enjoy meeting these challenges and successfully overcoming them, especially when my client is in the right.

Because of my in-depth understanding of the law and applications of the law, I am considered one the the preeminent authorities in the field of insurance coverage. In fact, I have argued in front of the Appellate Court of Illinois more than 15 times and the Supreme Court of Illinois 3 times.  

One of the most important cases I litigated was County Mutual Ins. Co. v. Livorsi Marine, Inc. (222 Ill.2d 303 856 N.E.2d 338) at the Illinois Supreme Court. This case established in Illinois that an insurer does not have to be prejudiced by late notice in order to cite late notice as a coverage defense. This is a minority position among the states and is one of the 50 most cited cases in insurance coverage law in the United States. 

My passion for protecting my clients in a system that is biased against them makes me one of the premier insurance coverage attorneys in Chicago. I will always look out for your best interests and provide advice and solutions that protect those financial and legal interests.    

I have been in the Supreme Court three times and successfully prevailed on all three occasions.

What motivated me to become an attorney

Since the age of 10 years old, I wanted be a lawyer. However, I did question the future of the legal profession because I believed that in the future people would get along and there would be few legal disputes to resolve. How naïve I was at 10 years old.

The field of law remained my focus and I went to law school right after obtaining my undergraduate degree. After graduating from law school, I worked for a large law firm in Michigan and clerked for the Hon. Roman Gribbs of the Appellate Court. As a clerk, I got to experience first hand all of the excitement of the courtroom and see the effect a good attorney can have on their client and the law.  

While still clerking at the appellate court, I decided that Chicago would be a more exciting place to live and practice my legal career. I was hired into the insurance coverage group at Hinshaw and Culbertson and quickly established myself. I tried numerous tort lawsuits and coverage actions to almost universal success and was quickly promoted to partner. This experience solidified my passion for engaging in this challenging work.  

I felt inspired to pursue a higher level of success, which was difficult to do with the restrictions of a large firm. Because of this, I left with two other attorneys and established my own firm in 1995. My clients followed me to that firm because of my dedication in representing them and my knowledge of insurance coverage matters. And, I continue to bring experience, passion, and integrity as a leading insurance coverage attorney Chicago.

I have settled cumulatively well over $250,000,000 in cases. 

Other interesting things about me

From a personal standpoint, I am very adventurous. I have traveled all over the world visiting over 50 countries and  I continue to travel extensively.  Through my travels, I have made many life-long friends, particularly in Brazil (yes, I also speak Portugese). Through these friendships and travels, I have been given the opportunity to support and assist many people. 

I have a big heart and a lot of kindness and love to offer. I truly believe in the golden rule: to treat others as you would like to be treated, and I strive to embody that spirit daily.  

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