Jeff Bier

Personal Injury Attorney

Founding Partner

Jeff Bier

I believe in doing what is right, especially what is right for my clients. One of the most important things I can do for you is be available. At Carlson Bier, you will not get passed off to a secretary, paralegal, or some other gatekeeper. You will have my number, so you can call anytime you need guidance. As your personal injury attorney, I will do everything in my power to return your call the same day, showing you the respect you deserve.
When you hire me as your attorney, that means you trust me to be communicative and responsive in regards to your case. I will not break that trust. I truly enjoy speaking with my clients and I know it is extremely valuable. We need to be able to collaborate and exchange information to ensure that your case continues to progress. More importantly, you need to have confidence that, as your personal injury attorney, I am working relentlessly to achieve exceptional results that safeguard your future.
Nobody ever plans or expects to be involved in a personal injury case and it can be difficult physically and emotionally. However, effective communication between myself and my clients makes this process more manageable and can mitigate any additional worries because you will not be left in the dark.


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University of Illinois College of Law

Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude, 2015

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Illinois State University

Bachelor of Science in Geology, 1993

"My unwavering commitment to service, means that I am here for you anytime you need assistance."

What drives me to pursue justice as a personal injury attorney

My primary motivation for practicing law as a personal injury attorney is the positive impact that I can have on people. In the practice of law, when I speak with someone facing a problem, I can immediately have an impact by listening and providing advice. And, at the conclusion of a case, when I have negotiated or litigated a favorable outcome for my client, I have positively influenced the rest of their life. It is very gratifying to know that I have helped someone achieve justice and have a more secure future.
I know the legal system can have a profound impact on people. One significant case that inspired me was that of the Radium Girls in Ottawa, Illinois from the early part of the last century. After working for factories painting numbers onto watches with radioactive paint, many young women got extremely sick and some even died. They pursued legal action and fought those companies. Because of the courage of these women and their attorneys (many who worked for no money), workers compensation laws were changed and OSHA was eventually created.
I learned about the Radium Girls case while working on my last project as a geological consultant, cleaning up the radium deposits left behind by those factories. I knew then that I was making the right decision by leaving my career and pursuing a law degree. I saw the effect a good lawyer could have on the outcome of someone’s life and the community as a whole. I knew that was the kind of impact I wanted to make as a personal injury attorney.

"It is very gratifying to know that I have helped someone achieve justice and have a more secure future."

What motivated me to become an attorney

I thought about going to law school for a long time. Because I had such a great deal of life experience between undergraduate and law school, I had the opportunity to work with lawyers, both from a corporate standpoint and necessitated by personal need. Getting to know these professionals and understand the work they were doing and how they helped people, including me, provided me with inspiration to become an attorney.
Additionally, I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete law school and excel in the legal field. I grew up in a small town, and although I didn’t know it at the time, my upbringing was only a step or two above poverty. Generally, no one in my family went to college: out of 30 first cousins, only 4 of us graduated college. It was a personal victory for me to receive my JD degree with honors from a great law school and enter the legal profession. It is not something that I take for granted.
This passion to progress and improve has continued throughout my legal career. I look for new solutions, I refine ideas and arguments I made in the past, and I explore new ideas. The harder and more diligently I work to improve my craft as a personal injury attorney, the more beneficial it will be to my clients as they will get more remarkable results.

Other interesting things about me.

I am not what you would consider to be a stuffy, boring, or uptight lawyer. I love to have fun and enjoy life. I like all kinds of music, golfing, scuba diving, and bicycling. I love to cook, especially French food that I really shouldn’t be eating. Also, I like to fix things and work with my hands. I have repaired boat and car engines, computers, plumbing, and electrical wiring. One of the things about me that I find to be funny, and appreciate, is that other attorneys often tease me in a good-natured way about how well I dress.
I really love traveling and have been to every state in the U.S. except for Hawaii. My journeys have also taken me abroad to over 40 countries. I speak some Portuguese and Spanish, but would like to learn more about those languages.
Even if work and life keeps me busy, I always make time for family and friends. I truly care about them and those relationships and always make myself available when needed.

The harder and more diligently I work to improve my craft as a personal injury attorney, the more beneficial it will be to my clients as they will get more remarkable results.

Career Highlights

  • Country Mutual Ins. Co. v. Durkin Electric – Summary Judgment 
  • Country Mutual Ins. Co. v. Commonwealth Edison – Summary Judgment 
  • Country Mutual Ins. Co. V. JEM Properties – Summary Judgment Country Preferred Ins. Co. v. Tamika Bush – Summary Judgment 
  • Country Mutual Ins. Co. v. Jessica Wells – Summary Judgment 
  • Foster Design Build SPD v. Pekin Ins. Co. – Summary Judgment 
  • Country Mutual Ins. Co. v. T Danville Mall, LLC – Summary Judgment 
  • Country Preferred Ins. Co. v. Victor E. Velasco and Carole Vanosky Summary Judgment Achieved/participated in settlements >$10,000,000.