Richard Craig

Personal Injury Attorney

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Richard M. Craig

My first job out of law school was clerking for a Justice on the Illinois Supreme Court. In that role, I learned that a large amount of research needs to be done on every case and any detail, no matter how minute, needs to be intricately examined. I witnessed firsthand the effects that understanding the finer points of the law can have on the outcome of a case. Because of this experience, as your personal injury attorney Chicago, I will make sure that nothing gets overlooked, that every aspect of the case will be thoroughly examined, and that you will be in the best position to emerge victorious.
Whether your case is big or small, I will work tirelessly to advance your interests within the ethical boundaries of the law. I am extremely passionate about helping my clients and the most effective way that I can do so, is to scrutinize everything to advance and protect your interests.


Richard Education Gt

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Juris Doctor, 1992

Richard Education Gt 1

University of lowa

B.A. Political Science and Psychology 1989

"As your personal injury attorney Chicago, my in depth knowledge of the intricacies of law, puts us in the best position to win"

What motivates me to be a zealous advocate for my clients

I thoroughly enjoy knowing that I am helping people as a personal injury attorney Chicago. I have helped out many people either pro bono or at greatly reduced rates, because any other method would remove the availability of the courthouse to that client simply because of cost. People who don’t necessarily have the means still deserve justice and I have the knowledge, experience, and resources to fight on their behalf.
Because I have no incentive to reduce fees, cases I have pursued pro bono or at a reduced rate have universally been cases of very real wrongs. Owning my own law practice for twenty years has given me the freedom to assess the merits of such a case, the level of injustice of the status quo, and the ability to represent someone if the facts warrant it. I find it very gratifying to know that I am in a position to help those who have been harmed to pursue justice.

"People who don’t necessarily have the means still deserve justice and I have the knowledge, experience, and resources to fight on their behalf. "

What led me to become an attorney

My decision to become a lawyer came upon me while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. I still remember the moment: I was a sophomore in college and an open major. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It just happened that one day, when I was walking back from a literature course, I was hit suddenly with the inspiration to become a lawyer. Although it wasn’t a lifelong dream of mine, I have enjoyed and excelled at being a lawyer, and I have never looked back.
My passion for law grew during my first job out of law school, which was clerking for a judge on the Supreme Court. The justice under whom I served was an inspiration. He held a philosophy that whatever case he was working on that moment was the most important case before the Supreme Court. I try to emulate that in my practice and always strive to make each case a priority.

Career Highlights

  • Featured Guest: Chicago Counter-Point with Jeffrey Leving Discussion: The Baby Richard Case Ten Years Later CAN-TV, Channel 21, Chicago. Thursday, December 18, 2003
  • Panelist: Chicago Tonight Discussion: The Potential Impeachment of Chief Justice James D. Heiple WTTW, Channel 11, Chicago. Wednesday, April 16, 1997
  • Arbitrator Cook County Mandatory Arbitration Program Chicago, Illinois, 1998 – Present
  • These are representative of my achievements in my 20+ year career