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When facing a personal injury in Mahomet, consider the reliable services of Carlson Bier. Our attorneys hold an unmatched reputation for delivering exceptional legal care marked by empathy and meticulous case representation. We commit to securing justice with our wealth of knowledge on Illinois’s complex personal injury laws. With years under our belt battling intimidation from insurance companies, we have successfully handled hundreds of cases through negotiation or trial – obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts for clients who suffered due to negligence.

At Carlson Bier, we adopt unique approaches tailored to each client’s specific circumstances while keeping them informed during every step. Clients’ peace is cardinal; thus we assure no upfront costs until their cases are won satisfactorily.

As respected members of the community, trust us at Carlson Bier – your voice in times when you need zealous representation most notably after suffering a personal injury ordeal around Mahomet and beyond. Contact us today: experience unparalleled dedication throughout your path towards rightful compensation with the best Personal Injury attorneys prepared to advocate fiercely on your behalf!

About Carlson Bier

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At Carlson Bier, we have the experience and commitment that sets us apart as premier personal injury attorneys in Illinois. Personal injuries can happen unexpectedly in almost any area of our daily lives, be it at work, on the streets, or even in the comfort of your home. Here is where we come in – combating negligence and ensuring justice for all affected persons.

Understanding what personal injury entails means recognizing that it falls under tort law field. Instances include when a person’s body, mind, or emotions are injured due to another party’s negligent acts or failure to act responsibly. Examples are plentiful: vehicle accidents (automobiles, motorcycles), medical errors leading to malpractice claims (incorrect treatment processes or diagnosis), workplace accidents where safety measures might have been ignored – with potentially devastating results such as catastrophic injuries. All these situations can be classified under personal injury given sufficient substantiated proof of negligence and experienced lawyers who know how to highlight salient reference points.

• Vehicle Accidents: Negligent driving causing harm could lead you to seek legal redress for compensation.

• Medical Malpractice: Errors during treatment or incorrect diagnoses could warrant malpractice lawsuits.

• Workplace Accidents: Practices that overlook safety measures and consequently injure employees validate seeking legal intervention for punitive damages.

One critical aspect of grasping about personal injury relates directly to compensation entitled after having sufficiently established deficit existence from possible negligent acts by parties involved. Our track record demonstrates successes stretching across diverse scenarios involving various types and degrees of sustained injuries resulting from potential neglectful practices.

With over two decades’ worth combined experiences tirelessly fighting probabilities on behalf clients ensuring their interests protected leveraging exhaustive knowledge emphasizing towards meeting justice through adequate compensation covering economic losses incurred due unwarranted disruptive incidents negatively impacting individuals’ overall health statuses — both physical mental.

We approach every case individually crafting strategized claims arguing extensively proving party liabilities based investigative efforts extracting pertinent facts directing liabilities appropriately guaranteeing rightful compensations duly presented. At Carlson Bier, our commitment is unshakeable – we believe every afflicted person deserves justice and ensuring it prevails remains significantly intertwined within our operational philosophy.

At Carlson Bier, your personal injury doesn’t change who you are; instead it accentuates the need for professional legal intervention to provide a safety net in uncertain times. Our hallmark lies in bridging law’s intricate complexities with approachable strategies that guarantees maximum results come trial time or at negotiation tables.

Legal remedies available vary depending on case specifics surrounding involved parties or evidence presented thus justifying compensation – either by punitive damages instituted through economic harm proven or general non-economic distress warrants likely increasing compensation amounts. Notably, court decisions on awarded compensations depend wholly on argumentative submissions making compelling cases an indispensable necessity – one mastered skill held by Carlson Bier lawyers.

In Illinois, personal injuries necessitate prompt action under state laws requiring injured parties initiate lawsuits within two years since incident occurrence presenting claims timely hinges largely upon potential positive outcomes — allowing us maximize available legal benefits recover full compensatory dues accruing deserved win representing you. Duly note should fail filing suits before stipulated deadlines risk forfeiting lawful chances receiving rightful rewards intended compensate healthcare expenses, lost earnings related costs spent recovering from sustained injuries plus consequential losses registered due neglectful actions perpetrated against client interests.

As specialists in Personal Injury Law primarily based out of Illinois eager helping clients regain their lives after debilitating accidents start process today by getting touch schedule free consultation utilize extensive skills guarantee best outcome illustrating why distinguish ourselves ‘Your Justice Advocates.’ We championed rights countless individuals ensuring they adequately compensated consequent losses experienced harmful accidents caused other parties’ mischief negligence outright wrongdoing. In essence: Our primary mission revolves around converting jumbled mess into smooth ride negating all hurdles till justice served all-inclusively its purest form recompensed satisfactory levels admissible regulations laid down governing statutes applicable jurisdictional boundaries wherever dates initiated lawsuit proceedings concerned.

You deserve a chance at fair compensation, and we’re here to make sure you get it. Find out how much your case might be worth by clicking the button below. Don’t leave justice on the table: ensure that negligence pays for inflicted damages promptly transforming hurtful experiences hope-inspiring realities future progression stands unhindered maintaining familial responsibilities effectively as manageable owing betters starts now after consultation us today here Carlson Bier — champions unwaveringly committed uphold fight towards reaching deserved targets remarkably outstanding personal injury attorneys any given day.

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Mydjianie Savary
mydjianie savary
I went to a car accident with my husband and they’re was very helpful. I love them so much.
Judy Canchola
Judy Canchola
This law office was helpful, consistent and professional. I highly recommend!
Francisca Rojas
Francisca Rojas
So happy to work with this attorney, they resolve my case very fast!
April Bartlett
April Bartlett
Jeff Bier at Carlson Bier is a great injury lawyer! Jeff was very hands on with my case. He kept me updated on any and all developments. He was a pleasure to work with.
Daniel Vivian
Daniel Vivian
Jeff and his team were great. Everyone on his team were helpful and informative while we navigated the process after our accident. Would use him and his team again if ever needed. Thank you to everyone at Carlson Bier who helped us.
Justin Scott
Justin Scott
CarlsonBier handled my personal injury lawsuit... They were amazing and I highly recommend if you're in a motor vehicle accident
Shanta Nash
Shanta Nash
I really love you guys Yall the Best 🥰
Kevin Calloway
Kevin Calloway
Jeff handled my recent car accident case. He was always just a phone call away to answer my questions. Thanks for making such a stressful situation easier to deal with.

Notable Illinois Appellate Wins

Moruzzi v. CCC Servs., Inc., 2020 IL App (2d) 190411, 171 N.E.3d 61
Background: Insured motorist filed action against insurer for declaratory judgment seeking construction of automobile insurance policy issued to insured and that was in effect when insured was injured by an underinsured driver. The Circuit Court, DuPage County, Bonnie M. Wheaton, J., granted the insurer's motions for summary judgment. Insured appealed.Holdings: The Appellate Court, Zenoff, J., held that:1 medical payments reduction clause in automobile insurance policy conflicted with underinsured motorist provisions so as to render reduction clause ambiguous, and thus medical payment benefits were deductible from insured's damages;2 law firm representing insured did not create common fund or common funds when it reached settlement with underinsured motorist, and thus law firm was not entitled to recover fees under common-fund doctrine; and3 collateral estoppel did not bar automobile insurers from litigating whether common-fund doctrine applied in insured motorist's declaratory judgment action.Affirmed in part and reversed in part.
Maier v. CC Servs., Inc., 2019 IL App (3d) 170640, 132 N.E.3d 795
Background: After insured, who was injured in automobile collision with another driver, recovered full liability limits of driver's policy, she filed amended complaint for declaratory judgment against her own automobile insurer, alleging that insurer breached contractual duty to pay for insured's damages in accordance with uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage in insured's policy and that insurer acted in bad faith in denying insured such coverage. The Circuit Court, La Salle County, Troy D. Holland, J., granted the insurer's motion to dismiss claims as time-barred. Insured appealed.The Appellate Court ruled that neither the insurer nor the insured could add amended policy provisions to the court record. It was decided that the policy's requirement for a written arbitration demand applied to both uninsured and underinsured motorist claims. The court found that a letter from the insured's attorney to the insurer wasn't a valid arbitration demand nor a proof of loss to toll the statute of limitations. Finally, the insurer was permitted to use the defense based on the two-year statute of limitations period. The court's decision was affirmed.
Econ. Premier Assurance Co. v. Country Mut. Ins. Co., 2021 IL App (1st) 192364-U
Holding: The circuit court's order that granted defendant's motion for summary judgment and denied plaintiff's motion for partial summary judgment was proper where defendant had no duty to indemnify its insured with respect to the underlying complaint and therefore plaintiff was not entitled to recover against defendant on its subrogation or unjust enrichment claims; affirmed.
Country Preferred Ins. Co. v. Westerheide, 2023 IL App (5th) 220343-U
Holding: The court affirmed judgment of the circuit court granting summary judgment in favor of the plaintiff where the defendant failed to make a written demand for arbitration within two years from the date of the accident as required by the underinsured provisions of the defendant's automotive insurance policy.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Olsak, 2022 IL App (1st) 200695, 216 N.E.3d 291
In a complex legal case, an insurer sought to avoid defending or indemnifying a hockey player under a policy issued to the player's stepfather after the player was sued for assaulting his coach. The initial Circuit Court ruling favored the insurer, but the Appellate Court reversed this decision, leading to a protracted legal battle. Ultimately, the Appellate Court determined the insurer was liable only up to the $3 million policy limit and found the insurer's four-year delay in seeking a declaratory judgment to be reasonable. This case highlights important aspects of insurance litigation and policy limit liabilities.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Durkin Elec. Co., Inc., 2022 IL App (1st) 210293-U, appeal denied, 199 N.E.3d 1187 (Ill. 2022)
Holding: The circuit court's order that denied plaintiff's motion for partial summary judgment and found that defendant was an additional insured under the policy was proper. The circuit court's order that denied defendant's motion for summary judgment and found that plaintiff did not have a duty to defend or indemnify defendant under the policy was proper; affirmed.
Country Preferred Ins. Co. v. Groen, 2017 IL App (4th) 160028, 69 N.E.3d 911
Background: Uninsured motorist (UM) carrier brought action against insured for declaratory judgment that it owed no benefits since workers' compensation received by insured exceeded policy limits. The Circuit Court, Sangamon County, Chris Perrin, J., entered summary judgment in favor of the carrier. Insured appealed.Holdings: The Appellate Court, Harris, J., held that:1 employer's medical payments entitled carrier to setoff, and2 setoff clauses were enforceable.Affirmed.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Frobish, 2021 IL App (3d) 190473-U
Holding: Allegations in the underlying complaint that a township employee caused property damage by excavating and digging out a ditch failed to impose a duty to defend under township employee's individual farm insurance policy.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Jones, 2018 IL App (1st) 173154-U
Holding: The judgment of the circuit court of Cook County is affirmed; plaintiff is entitled to summary judgment on its claim for a declaratory judgment that it has no duty to defend or indemnify its insured against the underlying complaint because the loss claimed in the underlying complaint is subject to an exclusion. The court held that it would also enter judgment for plaintiff because the underlying complaint does not allege an “occurrence” causing bodily injury within the meaning of the policy.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Schmitt, 2021 IL App (5th) 190173-U
Holding: The appellate court reversed and remanded the judgment of the circuit court where plaintiff had no duty to defend its insured and thus was not stopped from raising policy defenses to coverage for the underlying tort action contained in the amended declaratory action.
Country Mut. Ins. Co. v. Livorsi Marine, Inc., 222 Ill. 2d 303, 856 N.E.2d 338 (2006) (the late Keith Carlson)
Liability insurer brought action against insureds for a declaratory judgment based on failure to provide timely notice of lawsuits against them. The Circuit Court, Cook County, Stephen A. Schiller, J., entered judgment for the insurer. Insureds appealed. The Appellate Court, Wolfson, J., 358 Ill.App.3d 880, 295 Ill.Dec. 665, 833 N.E.2d 871, affirmed. Leave to appeal was granted.Holdings: The Supreme Court, Garman, J., held that:1 if the insurer did not receive reasonable notice of an occurrence or a lawsuit, the policyholder may not recover under the policy, regardless of whether the lack of reasonable notice prejudiced the insurer, overruling Rice v. AAA Aerostar, Inc., 294 Ill.App.3d 801, 229 Ill.Dec. 20, 690 N.E.2d 1067, and Cincinnati Insurance Co. v. Baur's Opera House, Inc., 296 Ill.App.3d 1011, 230 Ill.Dec. 624, 694 N.E.2d 593, and2 insured did not need to prove that it was prejudiced by delayed notice of lawsuits.Affirmed.
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Dedicated to legal assistance for individuals injured in bicycle accidents due to negligent parties' recklessness or hazardous conditions.

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Committed to ensuring expert legal support for victims suffering from brain injuries due to incidents.

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