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Birth injuries are unfortunately all too common. When they happen due to errors or negligence, our personal injury lawyer Joliet Illinois is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation at 312-622-2900. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly six in 10,000 babies suffer a birth injury that requires medical treatment. These injuries can have lasting effects on both a child and his or her parent(s). However, if you or your child suffered an injury during delivery due to negligence by another party, it’s important to know your legal rights. 

While filing a lawsuit over a birth injury may seem complicated at first glance, there are step you can take in order to file one successfully and get compensation for the harm done.

Gather Medical Records

Get a copy of the medical records. This is the most important piece of evidence in your case and should be given to you by your doctor. Your medical records will detail the prenatal care you participated in and exactly what happened during labor and delivery, including any complications that were present.

You also need to get a copy of the birth certificate. The birth certificate will show the date and time of the birth as well as all legal information. If there was a police report that went along with an incident at birth, you need a copy of that as well. For example, if someone hit or assaulted you during labor and delivery, make sure you get this report from the police so we can include it in our investigation.

If the baby died as a result of negligence or a medical error, you also need a copy of the autopsy report. If something unexpected happened during delivery or afterwards, you may have a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer Joliet Illinois will use these documents to determine what your best course of action is. 

Inform you personal injury lawyer Joliet Illinois about any potential witnesses

Your attorney will likely want to question anybody that was a witness, to help determine who is responsible. Doctors, nurses, parents, or other family members that were there, may have seen or heard something that will help your case. 

Determining who is responsible for the injury or death and having evidence or an eyewitness, will help you with your personal injury claim. At Carlson Bier Associates, our personal injury lawyer Joliet Illinois has the experience and passion to pursue justice for you. 

How to file a birth injury lawsuit

The reality is that doctors, nurses, midwives, and other medical professionals often make preventable mistakes. These can happen before, during, and after a child’s delivery. Mistakes like those can cause devastating birth injuries. Medical errors may disfigure a child or cause a disability that requires a lifetime of ongoing care and treatment.

If your child  has suffered a birth injury, it is important that you speak to a personal injury lawyer Joliet Illinois as soon as possible. They will help gather evidence, including medical records and witness statements. A birth injury lawyer will help determine who was responsible for the birth injury and how much money you are entitled to. 

There are many ways to file a birth injury lawsuit. It’s important to take the time to investigate your options and talk with an experienced attorney who can help you determine what is best for your case. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t go at it alone if you want to get the compensation that you deserve for any short and long term medical care. Contact Carlson Bier Associates today for a consultation. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Joliet Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Personal Injury Lawyer Joliet Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Personal Injury Lawyer Joliet Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Personal Injury Lawyer Joliet Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

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