Trucking Accident Lawyer Champaign Illinois | Federal regulations of truck accidents

Truck accidents are some of the most horrifying and dangerous types of crashes on Illinois roads. If you are in one, you will need a trucking accident lawyer Champaign Illinois. The attorneys at Carlson Bier Associates have a reputation for success. Contact us for a consultation at 312-622-2900.  Injuries can be severe in a trucking […]

Car Accident Lawyer Champaign Illinois | What to do if you hit a pedestrian

You’ve hit a pedestrian with your car. You’re understandably worried about what’s going on, but there are some important steps you can take. Contact the police and get an ambulance if they need medical attention. Once everything is in order, you need a car accident lawyer Champaign Illinois. At Carlson Bier Associates, our attorneys have […]