Our Illinois insurance coverage attorneys will ensure your business interests are protected, so you can care for your customers

Our Illinois Insurance Coverage Attorneys will protect you, so you can care for your customers

Insurance companies provide a service for individuals and businesses at some of their most difficult times. Whether it is the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, accidental injury or damage, you are there for your customers when the worst happens. 

The rest of the time, you offer peace of mind to those individuals and businesses. Your customers know that if the unthinkable happens, they are protected and that is a tremendous service.

Because this is such an important thing that you do for your customers, you also need to be protected. Your insurance company needs to be positioned to meet the needs of your clientele when the occasion arises.  

With over 30 years as Illinois insurance coverage attorneys, we have the experience and skill to put your company in the best position possible and protect your business interests. We are adept at creating and modifying policies to ensure they align with Illinois State regulations and judge-made case law which determines how policies of insurance are interpreted. Not only do we know the nuance and finer points of insurance law, at Carlson Bier Associates, LLC, we have tried cases that have set legal precedent for insurers. 

Carlson Bier Associates, LLC has a proven track record of success

We have the most experienced Illinois Insurance Coverage Attorneys

In order to continue providing for your customers, your insurance company needs a law firm that provides trusted counsel and that can be aggressive litigators. Our firm has a proven track record of success; negotiating settlements, winning declaratory judgments, and being victorious on appeals. 

Insurance law is enormously complex and lawsuits involving coverage disputes can be factually complex as well. As your Illinois insurance coverage attorneys, it is our responsibility to remain well versed in the state’s laws and regulations, which allows us to better assist your company. In fact, our Illinois insurance coverage attorneys are so well versed in these matters, they have been successful at the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts countless times.

Carlson Bier Associates, LLC also dedicates time to understanding the needs and goals of our clients, so we can provide outstanding service and obtain exemplary results. We carefully evaluate claims, applicable policy information, and local laws to make determinations about that claim. We thoroughly explain what you can expect if you are accused of denying a policyholders claim. We analyze all options and decide the quickest and most cost-effective approach to disputes. Whether mediation or arbitration are the best options or whether litigation is necessary, as your Illinois insurance coverage attorneys, we will work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable results for you. 

Our profound understanding of the law means you will receive the counsel you need to flourish in your industry

Most people use several types of insurance in their daily lives. They want to feel safe and be protected both physically and financially. People expect their insurance companies to protect them by following best practices and laws and by being on their side when something goes wrong. 

The best way that you can give your customers what they need is to have one of the premier legal experts in insurance on your side. From the most routine cases to the most complex litigation involving multi-millions dollar lawsuits, Carlson Bier Associates, LLC offers proven strategies and a record of positive results. We will provide you with an evaluation of liability and damages and provide you with a plan that manages defense costs and payouts, while safeguarding your customers.  

You will have some of the foremost experts in the field with our Illinois insurance coverage attorneys

Our specialty is coverage. However, at Carlson Bier Associates, LLC, our attorneys are also adept at tort defense. Our Ilinois insurance coverage attorneys have successfully defended parties that have been sued in tort and personal injury cases. From automobile accidents to workplace injuries to common slip and falls, we have extensive experience in defending individuals and businesses who find themselves being sued in civil court. 

Our Illinois Insurance Coverage Attorneys have set legal precedents with their cases

In addition, commercial and business industries facing complex civil litigation turn to us for diligent trial work and effective appellate advocacy. We also represent those submitting disputes to arbitration or mediation. Our creative and aggressive representation secures meaningful resolutions while keeping the bottom line in mind. 

At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC, we have a success rate that is unprecedented representing insurance companies and protecting their interests. The protection we offer you is imperative, as it allows you to cover and care for your own customers. 

You are looking for a law firm that has an extraordinary success rate representing insurance companies. You are looking for attorneys that protect your interests, so you can effectively cover and care for your own customers. You are looking for the Illinois insurance coverage attorneys that are the foremost authorities in the field. We have what you are looking for at Carlson Bier.