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You need a personal injury lawyer Illinois to pursue justice for you spinal cord injury or paralysis
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You need a personal injury lawyer Illinois to pursue justice for you spinal cord injury or paralysis

Spine injuries can be the most serious type of personal injury. If you suffer from a spinal cord injury you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer Illinois. At Carlson Bier, we have injury lawyers specializing in back and neck pain who will assist you in collecting evidence that is vital to your case. They will help you pursue just compensation for immediate and ongoing medical care.

What is spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves that connects the brain and the rest of the body. The vertebrae protect it, and it’s made up of nerves that carry messages between the brain and other parts of your body.
A spinal cord injury can occur when there’s damage to any part of your spinal column (the bones, cartilage, and ligaments that protect your spinal cord) or inside your spinal cord itself. This damage can result from an accident or trauma such as:
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Dog bites/animal attacks
  • Workplace injuries (such as falling from scaffolding)

Effects of a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can affect the body in many different ways. Quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs) and paraplegia (paralysis of the lower limbs) are common types of spinal cord injury. Tetraplegia (paralysis of all four limbs) and paraplegia are less common.
Your injury may have resulted in a loss of sensation, muscle control and muscle power. The following are some symptoms that can occur:
  • Loss of sensation – You have pain or a tingling sensation where your spinal cord was injured. Your doctor will check you for these symptoms during an exam.
  • Loss of muscle control – You may not be able to hold your head up properly, which causes it to tilt to one side (torticollis). Torticollis can also cause neck pain because the muscles around your neck are weak from the injury and do not work as well as they used to.
  • Loss of muscle strength – If you have weakness in both legs after an injury, you may need help walking or standing up. Your doctor may also tell you that your bladder control has decreased because some nerves were damaged when they were stretched by the impact on your spine when hurt by someone else’s negligence!
If you sustain a severe spinal cord injury, your doctor will refer you to one or more specialists who can help determine how much function you will lose as a result of your injury. If your spinal cord injury occurred as a result of negligence, you should contact a personal injury lawyer Illinois to help you pursue a personal injury claim.

A spinal cord injury can change your life forever.

Personal Injury Lawyer Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates
Personal Injury Lawyer Illinois | Carlson Bier Associates

What records do you need to provide for your attorney?

If you’ve been in an accident or were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for any costs related to your physical therapy, medications and lost wages. In order to prove the value of these things, you need to keep records of all medical expenses and physical therapy related to your spinal cord injury.
You should also write down everything that has happened since then so when the time comes for your initial consultation it will be easy for your lawyer to understand what happened on the day of impact. This includes how long you were unconscious or unable to move before an ambulance arrived, whether there was any permanent damage done during this time period and if so how much, and other symptoms such as nausea or dizziness throughout the recovery phase.

A personal injury lawyer Illinois will help you pursue your claim

In order to prove that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you need evidence that supports this claim. For example, if your accident happened because a company failed to properly maintain the safety of its machinery or equipment, then you may be able to show this by providing photos or other documentation showing how unsafe conditions were at work. Your personal injury lawyer Illinois will also help you gather relevant information from witnesses and experts who can provide insight into what happened before and during the accident.
It is very important to hire a personal injury lawyer Illinois to help you pursue justice for your spinal cord injury or paralysis. Contact Carlson Bier today: 312-622-2900.

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