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Today they will discuss the distinctions between medical malpractice and personal injury

If you have been injured by a medical professional, you need the best lawyers for medical malpractice in Blue Island, Illinois. Here’s why. Say you have been harmed. You fall and slide at an associate’s home and also damage your leg. You want to recoup the costs related to your treatment as well as your salary. Most individuals know that you would go see a personal injury lawyer to make a case against the homeowner. 

What if, while you were getting medical care, the doctor made use of the wrong surgical tool and, in fact, made your break even worse. A lot worse. And, you needed an additional surgical treatment and you needed to remain in the healthcare facility. If you intend to make a claim in this circumstance, you will need to file a medical malpractice lawsuit and will want an attorney that has experience in that specific field. 

The attorneys at Carlson Bier Associates are the best lawyers for medical malpractice in Blue Island. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of medical malpractice and negligence and are passionate about getting you the results you want. They will support you, they will make sure you are fully compensated, and they will get you the justice you deserve.

Medical malpractice is a kind of personal injury

when a person is wounded through no mistake of his own. Medical malpractice is a part of personal injury, however these cases can be much more complex than a standard personal injury case. 

They require attorneys to not only know the law, but to know the standard of care and practice in the medical community. And, these lawyers should have strong connections to the medical community, so they can consult with specialists and experts in that field. Because of our long standing history with medical malpractice cases, we have the knowledge and the connections. More importantly, we have the passion to pursue justice on behalf of our clients. This makes Carlson Bier Associates the best lawyers for medical malpractice in Blue Island, Illinois.

What medical malpractice and personal injury share

Some of the major similarities between the two are how things are defined and what type of law they fall under. Below are some of those commonalities.

  • Who is an injured party? 
    • The injured party is defined as somebody who has been wounded due the actions or inaction of another party. 
  • What type of law is this?
    • Both fall under civil law and torts and go through the civil court system.
  • How does monetary compensation work?
    • In either type of case, of course the harm suffered cannot be undone. However, a lawsuit can help you recover any monetary losses that have occurred because of medical expenses or time out of work. 
  • Is there a limit to the financial compensation that can be awarded?
    • Currently in Illinois, there is no cap for awards of “pain and suffering.”

Vital differences between medical malpractice and personal injury

Medical malpractice claims are incredibly challenging, calling for extensive time and research.

  • Affidavit of Merit- For a medical malpractice lawsuit, the person needs to get a sworn statement (a vouched statement) from a doctor stating that the defendant was negligent and caused injury before he can file a suit. This does not happen in a personal injury case.
  • Specialist and Experts- Medical malpractice instances commonly call for the hiring of several specialist witnesses. They will charge a fee for examining records and also giving an objective viewpoint and testifying in court. This makes these cases far more pricey.
  • Complexity- Personal injury insurance claims are much wider in scope because of the combination of legal and medical knowledge required. 
  • Problems in Dispute- In lots of personal injury cases, negligence is admitted. The chauffeur who failed to stop at a red light, typically admits the mistake, especially when there is a police report that goes along with it. However, in medical facilities, the institutions and medical professionals always attempt to deny fault, even in cases where their conduct appears indefensible.
  • Statute of limitations- In Illinois, for a medical malpractice case, a 2 year statute of limitations begins when you become aware of the injury (or when you reasonably should have been aware of it). For personal injury cases, it is 2 years from when the injury occurred. 

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